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Apr 25, 2022

In this Third Rail edition of the CFP Podcast, Associate Scientific Editor Dr. Sarah Fraser interviews Dr. Elizabeth Niedra and Ameera Musah. Dr. Fraser and Dr. Niedra take a deep dive looking at misogyny as a possible root of ageism in long-term care, how this misogyny can affect the care of all patients in this setting, and ideas for improvement. Ameera Musah adds her insights on the neglect the long-term care sector continues to endure and how it affects both patients and health care providers.

Dr. Niedra is a family physician with a focus on care of the elderly. She is also a writer who published an essay in CFP about a much-needed feminized form of leadership in health care. Ameera Musah is a nurse in a long-term care facility who is interested in seeing front-line care providers have a greater voice in media coverage of health care.