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Jul 20, 2023

In this Third Rail edition of the podcast Dr. Sarah Fraser has a conversation with Dr. Shane Neilson about mental illness in physicians as well as Dr. Neilson's new book Saving: A Doctor's Struggle to Help His Children.

Shane Neilson is a physician, poet, and critic from New Brunswick, now practising in Guelph, Ontario. He published Saving: A Doctor's Struggle to Help His Children, a memoir about intergenerational disability in conversation with professional medical practice, with Great Plains Publishing in 2023. Shane completed his Ph.D at McMaster where his dissertation on the representations of chronic pain in Canadian literature received the Governor-General's Gold Medal. An adjunct professor of family medicine at the Waterloo Regional Campus of McMaster University, Shane's academic interest concerns disability, non-neurotypicality, and chronic illness in the profession of medicine.